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SITE Geotechnical Pty Ltd are in the business of enhancing engineering projects through ‘Soil Investigation Testing and Evaluation’ beginning at the soil foundation.

We offer a preliminary yet vital step to any civil engineering or building project, backed up with professional indemnity and public liability insurance.





SITE Geotechnical is an experienced and highly responsive, geotechnical engineering firm located within South East Victoria offering a broad range of geotechnical services, throughout Victoria.

Any civil engineering or building project where information related to the assessment of soil conditions is critical, SITE Geotechnical are there, providing geotechnical investigations, assessment of soil conditions and detailed reports and recommendations.  If you are involved in a building, infrastructure, land development, civil engineering or road construction project – any project which requires detailed geotechnical information – we can help.  Give us a call and see for yourself!



Our staff has extensive experience providing geotechnical investigation & recommendations throughout Victoria.  Our work includes complete geotechnical investigations and reports, testing and recommendations for various types of projects.


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PAVEMENT INVESTIGATION & DESIGN - Pavement composition investigation & design for both new (incl. residential and industrial) development and upgrading of existing roads

SOIL TESTING - Soil classification and foundation parameters reports for foundation construction for residential, industrial and commercial buildings,

INSPECTION - Distressed structure investigations & reports,

SOIL FOUNDATION PARAMETERS - Soil foundation parameters & construction considerations for retaining walls,  bridges & other structures,

EARTHWORKS - Earthwork specifications for land development and water retention,

WATER SENTITIVE URBAN DESIGN - Soil parameters for water sensitive urban design (WSUD) including storm-water disposal,

LAND CAPABILITY ASSESSMENTS - Land capability assessments (LCA’S) for both idividual allotments and proposed subdivisions,

DRILLING - Geotechnical drilling for the purpose of assessing and identifying components of existing subsurface soils within engineering logs,

ASSESSMENT OF STEEP SLOPES - Slope stability investigation, assessment and analysis for steep sites,

SAMPLING - For further material assessment through laboratory testing



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